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About Me

Hey Guys, Flavio Toavi here! I’m a blogger and social media entrepreneur living and working in London. I do some freelance gigs for design companies and business looking to improve their digital outreach and online footprint to get smarter.

In my spare time, I’m your average Londoner.

More about me:

I love exploring Notting Hill Carnival, the Camden Market, and I’m always up fora trip to the National Gallery. Regents’ Park is basically my second home, andyou’ll usually find me cycling around at the weekends.

By birth, I’m Italian and Jewish, but I consider myself a true world citizen. I love travelling, looking at art, and meeting new people from all walks of life.

 I started this blog to share some ideas I’ve had for living smart in London today. After all, it’s super expensive and cramped, and if you don’t find some creative fixes, I know it can feel a bit crap sometimes.

 So, without further ado, here’s my blog for smart living hacks, solutions, and ideas for the modern urban dweller!